Sunday, November 1, 2015


Rachel Schade is the author of My House is Falling Apart which Angelina has reviewed. Be sure to enter the giveaway we are hosting for 1 print copy of My House is Falling Apart! 

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What inspired you to write?  

I've always loved books and words. I've wanted to write for so long I can hardly remember a specific moment I was inspired; I just know hearing others' stories made me want to create my own stories too. 

What age were you when you started writing?

I've found little booklets full of my illustrations and my mom's handwriting telling stories. Apparently I narrated the words to her. So...before I could read or write words myself, I was "writing."

Are you writing another book?

Yes, I have another children's book drafted and I am in the rewriting and editing stage of a young adult novel. 

Do you think your book could be turned into a movie?

It would probably be a short and very silly movie, but I suppose anything is possible. If kids enjoyed it, I would be happy.

Where do you write (i.e. office, library, park, etc.)?

Usually I pull up my laptop and write at home, in my bedroom or on my couch. I prefer to type, but sometimes I take a moleskine with me on travels or to work for my lunch breaks. 

Do any of your siblings like to write, if you have any?

I have two younger brothers. Robert wrote a lot of short, funny stories growing up just for our family to laugh at and enjoy. He and I even wrote some short, humorous pieces together. My baby brother, Scott, loves to read but isn't very interested in writing. However, I believe he communicates beautifully when he wants to.

Did your mom and dad like to write when you were a kid? now?

I don't remember them ever writing much. My dad was a verbal communicator; he loved to read discuss issues and topics with people. My mom tried to start writing a devotional book once, but hadn't finished. They both passed away last year. However, their combined love of reading (which was contagious to me growing up) and their encouragement to keep pursuing my writing dreams is my inspiration to publish and to keep writing books. 

Would you read your books over and over again? why or why not?

I would, because every author during the writing stage needs to reread their books many times to catch errors and edit thoroughly. I don't foresee myself rereading any future novels much once/if they are published, but I reread my children's book often to kids when they want me to.

Any other interesting info/facts about you?

Since I'm a preschool teacher, I've had the awesome privilege of reading my own book to my classroom and watching them laugh at it. I have a pet dog named Jackie and a pet cat named Ralph (my dad named him).  :)

Thank you Ms. Schade for all your support!