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BOOK REVIEW: Fear My Mortality by Everly Frost


In a world where people are invulnerable to illness and death, with lives spanning hundreds of years, a sixteen-year-old becomes witness to the impossible – her brother’s failure to regenerate after death after which she suspects that she too may be mortal.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 month


This book was fast-paced and intense. The plot was unpredictable. 

My favorite character is Michael because he does everything he can to help Ava after he kills her brother. He sacrifices his life for hers many times which is admirable. 

My favorite part is when they get to Starsguard because they are finally safe from their enemies. They had a really long and probably stressful journey. I feel that they can relax now. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes devious governments, mortals and a brilliantly brave heroine. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 13 and up. 

**This book's publishing date is April 5, 2016. 

BOOK REVIEW: Echoes of Winter: A Wintery YA Short Story Collection by Various Authors


Thirteen never before seen YA short stories just in time for the holidays! 

Book 1: Twelve Days to Christmas by L.A. Starkey 
Book 2: Christmas Seasoning by DB Nielsen 
Book 3: Merry Chris Witch by CK Dawn 
Book 4: Wrapped in the Past by Chess Desalls 
Book 5: Butterflies in the Snow by D.E.L. Connor 
Book 6: The Darkest Night of the Year by Tim Hemlin 
Book 7: Cold Hearth by Kelly Hall 
Book 8: Code X by W.J. May 
Book 9: Good Saint Nick by Lu J Whitley 
Book 10: Soaring by K.K. Allen 
Book 11: A Spirit’s Last Gift by Kathy-Lynn Cross 
Book 12: Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden 
Book 13: The Edge by Fleur Camacho 

((Take a peek inside the cover to read the synopsis for these great YA short stories!)) 

These stories have never been published before and were written specifically for this anthology. Hope you enjoy this wintery adventure!!

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 13 years, 2 months


This book is filled with short-stories that tell a story about the true meaning of Christmas. My favorite authors in this books filled with short stories are:

L.A. Starkey;
DB Nielsen;
Kelly Hall; and
Lu J Whitley.

I recommend this book to those that love wintry tales about winter, Christmas and love. I hope that you will enjoy and treasure this book like I have. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up. 

**You can get an ebook for free right now on Amazon! Just click here

BOOK REVIEW: Snail and Slug by Denys Cazet


From the critically acclaimed author of The Perfect Pumpkin Pie comes a picture book about the friendship between a snail and a slug that teaches readers how good friends can help you do anything, including finding the courage to make a difference. 

It’s a hot, hot day and Snail invites her new friend Slug into her home for some iced tea—who knew that a snail’s shell is so roomy! When the two decide to have a picnic outside in the shade, a big mean ol’ banana slug demands that they fork over their lettuce! But with a little bit of courage, friendship, and a dash of salt, the pair will find the strength they need to stand up to him.

REVIEW BY: Angelina, age 9 years, 3 months


This book was great! 

It is about a slug and a snail. The snail had a huge house and the slug came over to the snail's house. The slug told the snail that he has a huge house and then they went on a picnic. The snail asked the slug if he wanted to live with her. Then they join forces against the big mean banana slug guy. 

My favorite character is the slug because he is cool and makes me laugh. My favorite part is when they live together because it is nice and they have such a great friendship. 

I recommend this book to kids that like colorful pictures and fun stories. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 8. 

**This book's publishing date is May 3, 2016. 

BOOK REVIEW: Emma G. Loves Boyz: A True Love Journal by Taro Meyer


Emma G. Loves Boyz - A True Love Journal is the first book in the new Tween Girl Series by Taro Meyer - the exuberant journal of a star-struck fan who vows to stop at nothing - not even doing chores! - for a chance to see her favorite boy band perform live.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 month


This book was great! I love music so I can totally relate to Emma. 

My favorite character is Dianna because she is a wonderful sister. Whatever Emma needs from her, she does it without complaint. 

My favorite part is when Emma submits her lyrics to the contest because it is a really important moment in the series. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes music, great family and friends and lots of funny moments. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 and up. 

BOOK REVIEW: The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender


Asylum meets Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, in this riveting tale of ghosts, secrets, and family, from master of suspense Katie Alender. 

Delia's new house isn't just a house. It used to be an insane asylum, a place to lock up "troubled" young women long ago. And a restless, wicked spirit is still at play--and it doesn't want defiant girls like Delia to go anywhere.

So the house kills her.

Now Delia is a ghost, trapped in her creepy home forever. As she meets the other ghost girls who haunt the narrow hallways, as well as the handsome ghost boy on the grounds, she learns shocking truths about the house's history. Delia also realizes that her alive and grieving sister might be the house's next target. Can Delia unlock the mystery of the old asylum, save her sister, and free herself?

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 13 years, 2 months


This book reminds me of a person, because of the many different aspects to it. On the outside it looks quite scary, I was thinking it was really going to be a horror story to scare me. However, when you read it, you find out that it is a story with great morals about family and good deeds. As I was saying, this reminded me of a person because what is on the outside is not really what is on the inside, and this is why I LOVED this book!

This book is about a house that murders troubled females. When Delia Pivens inherits the house that used to be a mental institution, she knows something about the house is not right. Delia suddenly dies from a smoke overtaking her body and it is then that she decides that it is her mission to get back to her family and find a way to break the curse on the house. 

My favorite character(s) are Eliza and Janie because even though Eliza did something terribly wrong, she wants to find the good in life by helping Delia. However, Janie is brave and fierce and she reminds me so much of someone I know. 

My favorite part is when Delia and Janie are in the basement and Delia has to show Janie a sign that it really is her. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up. 

BOOK REVIEW: Valentine's Oops by Emily Martha Sorensen


When Donovan finds out his best friend's little sister wants to cast a love potion on him, he knows he has to escape a fate worse than death. 

REVIEW BY: Angelina, age 9 years, 3 months


This book was really funny. I liked it when Cupid chased the boys because it was funny. My favorite character is Junior because he made Donovan think that Junior's sister likes him. 

I recommend this book to kids that like funny stories and Valentine's Day. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 6 and up. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Lupans - Tek Hunters #1: The Discovery by Tay Harris


A new squad of hunters are forming in one of the only villages left. Defending against giant monsters and roaming gangs of punks have kept the village struggling for survival. The region is littered with junkyards of ancient technology that stand as monuments of the past, and a sign of hope for the future. 

Milo is a nomad roaming around in search of his older brother. He hasn't seen his brother since they were split up when their village was wiped out by a gang of punks. Milo and his little buddy Neeko are currently searching a junkyard for a new weapon or some other valuable tool to help them survive their travels. 

Lily, one of very few who actually try to recover old technology, and Mae are on a scavenging mission. Looking for pieces in a junkyard for another one of Lily’s inventions to help defend her village. Her companion Mae is a POWER, one of few who can use the strange and new magic that is awakening in the world.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 month


This was a pretty good graphic novel. 

My favorite character is Mae because she is really funny and had me laughing out loud. My favorite part is when Mae convinces Lily to invite Neeko along with them. 

I recommend this graphic novel to anyone who likes adventure, junkyards full of monster and action packed plots. 

I give this graphic novel 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up. 

BLOG TOUR, EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury

About the Book

Title: Allerleirauh
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Genre: Fantasy Romance / Fairytale Retelling / Young Adult

Once Upon A Time… 

A King makes a promise to his dying wife to marry only someone with her golden hair. The King finds his eyes are turned by his maturing daughter. Realizing her Father’s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick her Father by requesting impossible gifts: Dresses created by the Sun, Moon and Stars and a Coat made of a Thousand furs. When she discovers his success, Aurelia decides to sacrifice her privileged life and escapes the Kingdom disguised in the cloak, and under a new name, “Allerleirauh.” Aurelia enters the Kingdom of Saarland der Licht where she is taken under the wing of the handsome Prince Klaus. Aurelia must face herself, her past and her fears in her journey of self discovery. 

“Allerleirauh” is a Retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale classic. 

The King and His Promise Excerpt: The Arrangement

"Have you forgotten your Mother's last wish? I promised her I would marry someone as beautiful as she. You're the only one who has the same golden hair, the same smile, the same beautiful eyes. You are the only one who will do, who I can love. The only one worthy of my love, my power, my body. You will be my bride." He declared as he ran a finger through my hair. My teeth clenched at his touch; the only thing keeping me in the room was the hope my arrangements would ultimately save me from this fate. I could not live this life with him. 

"If I am to marry you," I began softly, letting out a deep breath. "I have four simple requests." 

My Father grinned and nodded, "Go on...anything." 

Perhaps he thought he was about to have everything he wanted. Perhaps in this moment, he was. I slowly uncurled my fingers from the fist I had created and licked my bottom lip. 

"For my marriage, I will require new gowns. I request three gowns, one spun from the ray of sunbeams, the second, as silver as the moonbeams that dance along the night sky, and the third, woven from the star dust that falls from the heavens." My Father looked slightly surprised but continued to listen. I knew he would remember these from the night he had declared he would do anything for me to keep me happy and by his side. 

"My last request," I continued, "A fur coat made of all the Kingdom's wild animals, so when the harsh winters come I can keep sickness and death at bay." I could feel my hands shake from trepidation; I couldn't believe I actually made these demands to him. What would the people think once they heard of him going to these lengths to marry me? Would they think I was a harlot? Would they think I encouraged my Father's inappropriate behavior towards me? 

"And this is all you request from me?" he asked, surprised. I could see the amusement light up upon his face as I slowly nodded to him. Maybe this would actually work. Perhaps he would not see through the fa├žade and agree to these. If he did, this would grant me more time to collect my things, arrange an escape from the palace, and more forward with my plans. I would never again be Princess Aurelia, but I would avoid the marriage between my own Father and myself. 

"And if I agree to these things, you will marry me?" A smile crept upon his face as I gave a fast, curt nod as I swallowed my fear. 

"Consider it done then, my love." My Father embraced me as he pressed a kiss upon the corner of my lips. I felt his finger lift my chin gently and I quickly took a step back away again. My eyes darted to the ground and I twisted a part of my dress around my finger nervously. I needed to play the park but protect myself.

Author Bio

Chantal Gadoury is a young author who currently lives in Dover, Delaware with her two cats, Theo and Harper and her fiance, Robert. Originally from Muncy, PA, Chantal appreciates the beautiful mountains and enjoys visits back to see her family. She also loves anything Disney and has a reputation of beating anyone at a mean game of Disney trivia. When Chantal is not writing, she enjoys painting, watching British History Documentaries,  drinking iced-coffee and spending time with loved ones. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues on with that love of writing today. Graduating from Susquehanna University with a Creative Writing BA, writing novels has become a dream come true. 


Excerpts available on Wattpad:
Twitter Account:

Author Facebook Page:


Blog : 


BOOK BLITZ WITH GIVEAWAY: Arrows Flight Series by Casey Hays

archer breeder master casey hays

Breeder (Arrows Flight Book #1) by Casey Hays 

Genre: YA Christian Dystopian 

The first book, Breeder, is set in a war-torn world where the main character, Kate, has been raised to believe the Village is the only place left on earth after the Fall. Her people, predominantly made up of women, worship the Moirai, the Three Sisters Fate, and believe the stars hold their destiny. The Archer, Kate’s ruling constellation, has destined her to become a breeder, but she fights this calling, even when she’s dragged to the Pit and thrown into a locked cave with her mate, Ian. Trapped and afraid, he is confused about why he’s there, and he only wants to go home.Their relationship develops into more than friendship, and Kate’s longing to find something better, to make her own choices, and to defy Fate grows stronger. 

Breeder Teaser 1

The Archer (Arrows Flight Book #2) by Casey Hays 
Genre: YA Christian Dystopian 

CMYK Archer Cover for Ingram

The Archer takes readers on a journey away from the Village and toward Eden, Ian’s supposed home. By then, Kate has learned that Ian is different, even dangerous, and he is full of secrets that test her trust in him and his friends. Their journey takes them into one dangerous situation after another with no other villages in sight, and Kate begins to question whether she should have believed Ian at all. But her desire to find something to believe in that is greater than the Archer presses down her fear, even when that desire could mean her death. 

  Archer Teaser 1

Front Cover 002
Master (Arrows Flight Book #3) by Casey Hays 
Genre: YA Christian Dystopian 

Master, the final book, opens in the middle of a siege. An army from the north has revived technology in ways the world believed impossible, and threatens to destroy everything in their path. Their target? Eden. They believe Eden holds the key to saving the world and returning it to pre-war status. Many will die along the way. Misery and heartache will fall over the land and the people. But so with hope and faith… and love. Especially love. And Ian comes to the conclustion that what Kate has been searching for her entire life is what he needs, too.
Master 3

Casey Hays graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish. She spent eleven years of her career teaching high school before attempting to write her first novel.The Cadence, a YA supernatural romance, debuted in 2012. She is the author of the Christian Dystopian series, Arrow’s Flight, as well as a featured author in the Apocalyptic Anthology, Prep for Doom, a collection of short stories that culminate into one theme. She currently resides in Clovis, NM with her husband and daughter. 

Here readers can sign up for my newsletter on the homepage. Goodreads:  

  The Giveaway: 

 (1 winner) One signed copy of all three books 
 (2 winners) The Archer T-shirts available that display Ian's tattoo

Archer tee back Archer tee 

BOOK BLITZ & EXCERPT: The Boy Who Wields Thunder by Gibson Morales

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BLOG TOUR, REVIEW, EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: The Runner and the Robber by Robert Sells


His father is dead. Grandfather has Alzheimer’s. Mom can just pay the bills. And, Bill Taylor can’t run track and cross-country anymore. Could it get any worse? How about being threatened by an ex-con, fighting with a football player twice his size, and being involved with two murders?

One day, running back home from school Bill was nearly run over and accosted by a strange man. “Tell the old man he damn well better give up some of that the money. I want my cut and I’m coming to get it.”

Thus begins a search for three million dollars missing from a Brinks’ robbery twenty years in the past. Billy makes friends with Sarah Seeley, a classmate as impetuous as she was attractive. Sarah and Bill put the pieces of the puzzle together relying on a few clues and the fragmented memory of the addled brain of Gramps. Billy’s life gets even more complicated after encounters with the mafia who also have an interest in the money. Then there’s this problem with a serial killer. Billy is faced with one paramount question: will he and Sarah be the next victims?

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 month


I absolutely loved the mystery in this book! 

My favorite character was Sarah because once she got something into her head, nothing stopped her! She is determined!

My favorite part is when Sarah came up with the romantic idea of Mrs. Patterson and Tom because she is right. 

The plot was fast-paced and detailed. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes books about buried treasure, the mob and adventure. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 13 and up. 


I rose late Sunday morning, feeling sorry for myself.

Granddad was getting up and I angrily swung out of bed. Had to help with Gramps so I got him and myself ready for another dull day. Mom beamed brighter than the sunlight streaming in
through the window.

“Hi, honey, how was your night?”

Annoyed that she seemed insensitive to my foul mood, I snapped at her.

“Oh, great Mom. Let’s see, I cleaned up Gramps ‘cause he can’t do it himself anymore. Then I laid on my bed since there’s nothing else to do. Oh, I did listen to the game on the radio and Rick Henson, Sarah’s boyfriend, you know the one I’m so much better than, well he scored three touchdowns. Good for him. Good for Sarah since she cheered each one. Great night,
just great.”

She was silent as she put blueberry pancakes in front me, real blueberries, and I realized I was a certified jerk. Gramps wasn’t the reason I was upset and the rest of what I said was
just cheap shots. I was upset because I am such an incompetent dweeb when it comes to girls. I pushed the pancake around the plate.

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

She put her hand on my shoulder. “I know taking care of Gramps isn’t easy. But, we do what we have to do.”

“It’s not Gramps. It’s other things.”

“Like what?” she asked waving the red cape. I exploded again.

“Like I want to go back to Florida, Mom. I don’t like it here. I don’t fit in.”

Mom went back to the sink, her back to me, busying herself with the dishes. Her body was as rigid as two inch thick piece of oak plank. Her words, however, came out soft and

“I know it was unfair to you, Billy. But, we had to do it.”

Before I could dig my hole any deeper, Gramps shuffled into the kitchen. “Pancakes, Abby? Pancakes. Yum.”

He sat down smiling at me. He was a pain, but when he was in a good mood… well, you just felt better somehow. “I’ll get some for you, Gramps.”

I got a plate for him. Mom stayed at the sink, her shoulders slumping down, chin to her chest over the sink. She was taking a long time to clean the sink. I stepped behind her.

“Mom, I’m sorry. Again.”

She said nothing, but she wiped her nose with her sleeve. Great. Suspended, no girlfriend, no friends at all (I refused to count Jerry as a friend when I was in this mood), and I’ve
succeeded in making my mother cry. Another banner day for William Taylor.

When Mom finally finished scrubbing the sink, she saw my full plate, and ordered me to eat my pancakes. With granddad slopping pancakes into his mouth and Mom bossing me around what passed for normalcy returned to the cabin.

After she cleared the plates off the table, she studied me. I looked away, momentarily closing my eyes. A lecture was coming.

“Billy, you’ve got to give this town a chance. Part of the problem is you. If you don’t make an effort to get out with your friends, you don’t have a chance here because you don’t give yourself a chance. In fact, Sarah is the only the friend you’ve ever invited to the house. I’m home all day, so why don’t you call up somebody else and do something with them.” I bit my tongue hard, stood up and looked at frost on the ground, just now glistening as it melted. I didn’t want to tell Mom I had no friends. This early morning brush fire would turn into a raging forest fire if I told her the truth. So, I simply pushed the problem to later.

“Maybe you’re right, Mom. I think I’ll first just go for a run this morning. Then I’ll try to catch up with someone. Gotta catch up on some school work too.”

Mom tilted her head and scrutinized me with narrowed eyes. That I capitulated so quickly made her suspicious. She knows me too well. Her mouth opened to say something when a
knock at the door diverted her attention.

AUTHOR Bio and Links: 

I attended college at Ohio Wesleyan where I struggled with physics. Having made so many mistakes in college with physics, there weren’t too many left to make and I did quite well at graduate school at Purdue.   
I worked for nearly twenty years at Choate Rosemary Hall, an exclusive boarding school in the heart of Connecticut. More often than not, students arrived in limousines. There was a wooded area by the upper athletic fields where I would take my children for a walk. There, under a large oak tree, stories about the elves would be weaved into the surrounding forest.
Returning to my home town to help with a father struggling with Alzheimer’s, the only job open was at a prison. There I taught an entirely different clientele whose only interaction with limousines was stealing them. A year later Alfred State College hired me to teach physics. I happily taught there for over ten years.
My wife’s boss, the superintendent of a rural school in western New York, begged me to teach physics and earth science. Helping young high school students was particularly appealing to me at this point in my career and the salary was more than reasonable, so I find myself happily teaching at Mt Morris Central School.
Five years ago, my wife pestered me about putting to “pen” some of the stories which I had created for the children and other relatives. I started thinking about a young boy and a white deer, connected, yet apart. Ideas were shuffled together, characters created and the result was the Return of the White Deer. This book was published by the Martin Sisters.
Years ago I gave a lecture on evolution. What, I wondered, would be the next step? Right away I realized that silicon ‘life’ had considerable advantages over mortal man. Later this idea emerged as the exciting and disturbing story called Reap the Whirlwind.
Two years ago I stumbled upon an old article in the local paper about a Brinks’ robbery in 1992.  Apparently over ten million dollars were stolen and most of it was never recovered. Although the mafia was peripherally involved in the heist, it was unlikely they took the missing millions. This was the seed which has now grown into the young adult novel, The Runner and the Robber. 
I have many other stories inside my mind, fermenting… waiting patiently for the pen. Perhaps someday I will even write about those elves which still inhabit the woods in the heart of Connecticut.
The Ebook can be purchased for $0.99 during the tour.



Robert Sells will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn host. Additionally, Goddess Fish Productions will be awarding a $5 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn host.