Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Claiming Excalibur (Legendary Saga #2) by L.H. Nicole


Aliana Fagan has done what many thought impossible: she’s awakened King Arthur from his fifteen-hundred-year sleep, reunited the Knights of the Round Table, and even beaten Mordrid and Morgana LeFay in battle.

But the Destined One’s quest has only begun.

Before the knights can "unearth and reclaim their lost relics" they must survive the trip to Charleston, South Carolina and meet the newest member of the Round Table. If King Arthur’s men thought Aliana and Lacy were tenacious, they'll be even more surprised by Dawn, the third member of the fem-trio. 

Deadly secrets, unexpected allies, and a traitor lurking in the shadows await Aliana and the new Round Table as they continue their search for Excalibur. Their only clue is a beyond confusing poem from a mysterious book that speaks of a terrifying creature guarding the legendary sword. Trying to build a somewhat normal relationship with Sir Galahad adds a whole new level of complexity to Aliana’s task, especially when several among them suspect the White Knight may not be wholly himself. Her friendship with King Arthur grows closer, and when circumstances become intense, he may finally get the chance with Aliana that he’s been pining for.

Mysteries, legendary quests, and haunting memories will either unite the members of the New Round Table or fracture their bonds. Aliana and her crew only have seven months before the planets align and Mordrid can seize the power he needs to conquer the seven realms. Can the Destined One keep her new family together and lead Arthur to his destiny of saving the realms? Or will a centuries-old plot for revenge finally spell the king’s end?

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 1 month


This book disappointed me because everything I was really set against happening, did happen. I really didn't want Aliana to kiss Arthur or have anything to do with the Queen. I was hoping for some happier things. 

My favorite character was Galahad because he is so loyal and brave. Throughout everything he stays strong and loves Aliana. 

My favorite part was when Dawn joins Lucy and Aliana because they act like normal girl teenagers and it kind of gives your mind and emotions a break from the dark and tense mood. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes the tale of Camelot, romance and a special kind of magic. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 13 and up.