Review Policy/Review Requests - READ BEFORE SUBMITTING REQUESTS!!

Hi! Since we have started getting more review requests, we have decided it is time to develop our own policies for requests. So here we go and enjoy the ride....

1. We ONLY accept children, middle-grade and young adult books. However, we will accept every genre within children, middle-grade and young adult books. 

2. There are 4 reviewers and they are all under the age of 18, so you will get the following with their reviews:
  • Only real honest, unbiased reviews;
  • Sometimes short/sometimes long reviews;
  • A review from the audience your books are targeted for; and
  • Referrals that they send to all their friends. 

3. Reviews are posted on the following sites no matter what:
  • 5 Girls Book Reviews Blog
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads
  • 5 Girls Book Reviews Facebook Page
  • Twitter @camartinez
  • Pinterest under two accounts "Charity Martinez" and "5 Girls Book Reviews" 
  • Edelweiss (if applicable)
  • NetGalley (if applicable)

Any sites other than that MUST be requested by the author/publisher/literary agent/publicist that sends us the review request. 

4. Our review system is 5 stars with 5 being the absolute best and 1 being absolutely horrible. 

5. We will be sure to consider ALL ARCs/Review Copies/Finished Copies for review, of traditionally published YA, MG, and Children books (from the author, publisher, literary agent, publicists, authors, etc). We will do the same for all Indie/Self-Published children, MG, and YA books. 

6. All 4 girls are homeschooled and we ask all of our potential authors/publishers/literary agents/publicists, etc. if they would be willing to do an interview to help develop the girls' writing and public speaking skills. The interview can be done by email, Skype, phone, in person, if applicable and any other fun way you can think of. Please let us know in your request if you would be willing to do an interview. 

7. We also ask if our potential authors/publishers/literary agents/publicists, etc. would like to do a giveaway on our blog. We ask this for two reasons, 1) more people will read reviews about the book if they know there is a giveaway to go along with the book, and 2) it garners more attention for not only us, but you as well. Again, this is not required, but it does help. For giveaways, we can do giveaways of print copies (autographed or not), e-books, audio books, author swag, etc. Please let us know in your request if you would be willing to do a giveaway, format you would like to giveaway and how many copies. If print, please specify whether autographed book or not. 

The giveaways are always done in a Rafflecopter format, so please provide us any social media links or website links that you would like entrants to go to for entries, besides our common ones. 

For the winner(s) we can either mail the book out for you (if applicable) or give you the winner(s) address so that you can mail the book out. For ebooks, we usually give you the winner's information and you send the ebook. If any questions, please let us know. 

8. We accept books to read from authors, publicists, publishers, etc. in the following forms:  ARC's, Review Copies or already published finished copies. We do prefer physical books when available, but we will accept ebooks in Kindle/mobi format. Please specify what format in your request that you will be sending. 

9. We will consider beta reads, if requested. 

10. Now to our timeframe, please remember that all 4 girls are homeschooled so they are able to read more than regular kids as we do have a lot of DEAR days. However, please be considerate of our time. We promise to do our absolute best in sticking to your time frame and try to have reviews of ARCs up before their release date, however, please be patient with us. Remember, they are kids. 

While we do not charge anything for our services right now, the girls work very hard on reading y'all's books and providing honest reviews. Therefore, we have set up a college fund for all 4 of them to assist in their future tuition, etc. After all, it is not going to be cheap to send a future OB/GYN, Vet, Lawyer and CEO to college! 

If you feel led in your heart or love the job the girls are doing, please consider donating to their college fund either by check (message me personally) or by PayPal by sending to "" as the email to send money too on PayPal. I guarantee the girls will appreciate it and so will Joe and I to make sure their future dreams and aspirations come true. 

Again, this is not required, but is very helpful. 

Now to recap....for review requests, please do the following:
  • Send your request to: and be sure to include the following in your request:
    • Book Name;
    • Genre;
    • Synopsis;
    • Format you will be sending;
    • Special requests of where you would like review posted if different from our normal postings;
    • If you will do an interview;
    • Timeframe for the review; and
    • If you are interested in doing a giveaway:
      • Format giving away;
      • How many copies;
      • Special social media or website links you would like included for entries
    • Any donation for the 4 girls' college funds.
Again, we want to thank everyone that continues to send us requests and helping us to grow bigger. We depend on referrals so please be sure to refer us if you are happy with our services. 

Best wishes and God bless! 

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