Saturday, November 25, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Space Between Heart Beats by Melissa Pearl

Nicole Tepper has it all—beauty, popularity, and the perfect boyfriend. But after a party she can’t remember, she wakes up in a ghostly state, trapped between life and death. Nicole’s injured body is lying in a wooded area, but she has no idea where—or how long she has left to live. 

Only one person can hear her now: Dale Finnegan, a loner classmate that Nicole has relentlessly bullied. Dale’s the last person in school who would want to help her, but he sets their tangled history aside to try to save her life. As they dig into what happened at the party, they discover her boyfriend isn’t as perfect as he seems—and neither are her friends. With the clock ticking down and her life slipping away, Nicole must face a hard truth: Was what happened to her a terrible accident? Or does someone want her dead?

REVIEW BY: Angel, 15 years


Fascinating, beautiful description, and a brilliant plot.

Nicole Tepper is the girl you would call a queen bee, popular, beautiful, and has the cutest boyfriend.

When she goes to a party, the next day she can't remember anything. She is trapped in a ghostly state and can only be heard and seen by Dale Finnegan. However, before this life and death situation Nicole was his bully yet he still wants to help her.

While Nicole is in her ghostly state she realizes that her boyfriend is cheating on her and her backstabbing friends do not seem to care about her missing state. Meanwhile Nicole is slowly dying in forest Dale and Nicole become closer as he tries to help her survive. The more they uncover the more they learn about themselves and what is worth living for.

My favorite character is Dale because he is a typical teenage boy with a sweet personality.

My favorite part is after they find Nicole's body. I also like the part where Nicole dumps her supposed boyfriend and friends. She realizes she wants to be with Dale and best of all she no longer cares about popularity, money, or partying.

I recommend this book for anyone who likes emotional, sweet, and page turning books.

I give this book 5 stars and recommend it for 13 and up.

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