Monday, February 15, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: When Kacey Left by Dawn Green


Kacey and Sara have been the best of friends since grade three. They did everything together. But then Kacey left and Sara had to learn to cope with her life after that moment. She knows everyone at school is staring and whispering about her behind her back. And the “Obnoxious Counseller” that her parents force her to meet with thinks writing letters to Kacey in a journal will help Sara deal with her grief. Her parents and teachers are trying to convince her that life needs to get back to normal – but how can anything ever be normal again? She and Kacey had plans – college together, vacations around the world, best friends together forever. But then Kacey chose to end her life and Sara was left to try to understand what it all meant. Dawn Green’s novel for young adults is an emotional and moving look at a young teenage girl’s journey towards understanding after her best friend’s suicide.

REVIEW BY: Michaela, age 11 years, 8 months


This book was incredibly sad, I mean REALLY sad. 

With her best friend dead and everything going on in her life, it is not easy for Sara, but in the end it gets better. Sara learns how to cope with her grief over losing her best friend and how to move forward. 

My favorite character is Sara because she has been through some tough situations and you can feel the emotions flowing through her. 

My favorite part is when Sara vomits while dissecting the frog because it is the same exact thing I would do if I had to dissect a frog! 

I recommend this book for anyone who needs to learn to move forward with grief, those who contemplate the "s" word so that they can see how it would affect others in their lives and those that might like a heartbreaking read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 to 17.