Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Queen of the Night by Leanne Hall


Leanne Hall won the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children's Writing in 2009 for her spellbinding debut This Is Shyness. The novel received outstanding reviews and was shortlisted for a number of major Australian literary awards.
Queen of the Night is set six months after This Is Shyness. Nia has tried to forget Wolfboy, the mysterious boy she spent one night with in Shyness. He said he'd call but didn't. And then Wolfboy calls. Things are changing in the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn't rise and dreams and reality are mingled. Wolfboy needs help to save their friend Paul from a dangerous subculture.
Queen of the Night is about the impossibility of recreating the past and the pain of facing up to reality. About finding the truth when you can't see clearly. Wildgirl and Wolfboy must learn to trust each other again and find their way through the darkness.
REVIEW BY: Michaela, age 11 years, 5 months
This was a superb book! 
My favorite character is Wildgirl because she is adventurous and brave like I am. I am ready for any adventure, just like her! 
My favorite part is when Wolfboy's mom calls because he is mad at her and she sounds like she is trying to come back when she left him in the first place. 
This book is amazing, but I recommend that you read the first book This is Shyness before reading this one. 
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 to 15. 
This book's publishing date is November 10, 2015.