Monday, September 28, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Tracked by Jenny Martin


The Fast and the Furious gets a futuristic twist in this action-packed debut!

On corporately controlled Castra, rally racing is a high-stakes game that seventeen-year-old Phoebe Van Zant knows all too well. Phee’s legendary racer father disappeared mysteriously, but that hasn't stopped her from speeding headlong into trouble. When she and her best friend, Bear, attract the attention of Charles Benroyal, they are blackmailed into racing for Benroyal Corp, a company that represents everything Phee detests. Worse, Phee risks losing Bear as she falls for Cash, her charming new teammate. But when she discovers that Benroyal is controlling more than a corporation, Phee realizes she has a much bigger role in Castra’s future than she could ever have imagined. It's up to Phee to take Benroyal down. But even with the help of her team, can a street-rat destroy an empire?

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 12 years, 9 months


This book was magnificent! I absolutely loved it beyond description! 

My favorite character is Phee because she can do anything. She has a girl power that is unstoppable. 

My favorite scenes are the races because of the amazing detail and thought that went into the descriptions of these amazing scenes! 

I recommend this book to any reader who likes a good adventure, sneaky schemes and a wonderful heroine. 

Really, my review cannot give this book the justice that it deserves. Jenny Martin is absolutely incredible with this book. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up.