Monday, September 28, 2015

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Jenny Martin, author of Tracked

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, we had the chance to be a part of the media at the Texas Teen Book Festival where there were many great authors! We also were given our first chance to do some real live face to face interviews! 

Arianna interviewed Jenny Martin, the author of Tracked. You can find Arianna's review of Tracked here.

While not only getting to interview Jenny Martin, Arianna also got her copy of Tracked signed and was given a lot of great swag from Jenny. 

Okay, now on to the interview. 

Interview Conducted by: Arianna

1. Is there going to be a sequel to Tracked? If so, I would love to read and review it for you! 

There is a sequel to this book. It's called Marked and it's coming out May 17, 2016. The cover hasn't been released yet. 

2. How long did it take you to write Tracked

Well, when I first drafted Tracked it didn't take me long to do the first draft. It took a long time though to revise it and get it to where it is in the finished version. Maybe less than a year to draft it and then a little bit longer to revise it. 

3. Who is your favorite character in Tracked? Why?

You know, I think I love Bear because, I know he seems quiet and he doesn't say too much, but still waters run deep. I think he has a deep abiding sense of love and loyalty. The people that matter to him, he would die for them. He would do anything and I think that's a really admiral thing. 

4. What is your favorite scene in Tracked? Why?

Either the race at Sandridge, the big race. Also, I don't know if its my favorite, but the scene after that race with Bear. That was hard, like I cried. It was hard. 

5. What was your inspiration for Tracked?

Well, there are lots of inspirations! You know I grew up loving Star Wars and sci-fi. I loved it, loved it, loved it! Then I saw on TV a documentary on HBO called "Hot Coffee". It was about how corporations can sometimes control things behind the scenes or abuse/exploit things. Then I saw a Jason Statham movie called "Death Race 2000" with fast cars. So I think all together those were the inspirations. Also, Phee came to me almost like a full character. I was in this hard time when I was feeling really timid, really beating up on myself. I really didn't think I could do anything at all. Then all of a sudden there's this girl who's like "I can do anything, I can race through it, I can just slam in to anything and take care of it" and I think it was fun to do that. She is special to me. 

6. Who is your favorite book, character, or author in general? 

In general now as an adult, I really, really like two authors. I really like Neil Gaiman who wrote The Graveyard Book, Neverwhere, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I read anything he wrote and Coraline and Stardust. I also really love Victoria Schwab. She wrote The Near Witch. She wrote The Archived Series and she wrote two books for adults, Vicious and A Darker Shade of Magic. She has beautiful writing and I love her books. 

7. How long have you been writing?

You know, as a kid I wrote a lot of stories and bad poetry as a teen. Then I stopped, but then as an adult, once I became a librarian, I started writing in 2008. I wrote three books before Tracked and then Tracked was the one that was published. 

8. What is your favorite color? Food? 

I kinda have 2 [favorite colors]. I think my favorite color is red. I love red, but I tend to wear black a lot because its just easy and my go to color. I like green too, but red and black probably. 

I love sweet and salty things! Things like chocolate covered potato chips and pretzels, Carmel corn, anything that is sweet and salty. 

--Thank you so much Jenny Martin for allowing Arianna to have a face to face interview with you and we enjoyed meeting you! You are an amazing writer and Arianna cannot wait to read your next books!