Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic by Lisa Papademetriou


Two girls on opposite sides of the world connect through a mysterious book, whose phantom narrator guides them into a tale about a past romance that has surprising ties to each of their futures.

Kai and Leila are both finally having an adventure. For Leila, that means a globe-crossing journey to visit family for the summer in Pakistan—for Kai, it means being stuck with her crazy great-aunt in Georgia while her mom looks for a job. They have no idea that their utterly different worlds are about to get much, much bigger, and their futures are about to collide.

In each of their bedrooms, they discover a copy of a blank, old book called The Exquisite Corpse. When Kai writes three words on the first page, they magically appear in Leila’s copy on the other side of the planet. Kai’s words are soon followed by line after line of the long-ago, romantic tale of Ralph T. Flabbergast and his forever-love, Edwina Pickle. As they take turns writing, the tale unfolds, connecting both girls to each other, and to the past, in a way they never could have imagined.

This hilarious, inventive, and deeply touching story about destiny carries readers along as Kai, Leila, Ralph, and Edwina begin the search for their true selves, and discover the invisible threads that link us all, ultimately, to one another. Middle grade bestseller Lisa Papademetriou constructs a page-turning, endlessly accessible story for readers of all ages.

REVIEW BY: Michaela, age 11 years, 3 months


This book is funny and very good. It had me laughing through the whole thing. Lisa Papademetriou did a great job writing this book! I could barely even put it down because it grabbed my attention and wouldn't let it go. 

Aunt Lavinia and Doodle are my favorite characters. My favorite part is when the cocoon opened. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10-12. 

This books publishing date is October 6, 2015.

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