Saturday, September 12, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Also Known as Lard Butt by Ann Herrick


The emotion-charged first weeks of junior high, boys, bathing suits, body image, and her own insecurities...

Laura discovers that, Ricky, the boy who created her horrible nickname, "Lard Butt," has moved back into town—and immediately schemes to keep him quiet. After all, she can't let her new swim teammates, especially drool-worthy Noah, hear the horrible name! No way! 
She's determined to put a million years between grade school and junior high—even in the face of a father who drives an ├ęclair, a would-be-movie-star mother who suddenly moves back home, and a past that comes back to haunt her with the dreaded nickname.

Although Laura's embarrassed about how she looks in a swimsuit, she tries to stay true to her vow to take risks. She even lets Maria talk her into going to the school dance, where she braves negotiating a truce for a quarreling couple.

New friendships form, Laura's mother starts getting too domesticated for Laura's comfort, and hints of romance start to develop—or do they?

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 12 years, 10 months


This book should be read by ALL girls no matter what age they are, even if it means reading the book to each other so girls can understand each other's feelings. 

Laura is starting junior high and she doesn't want the size of her butt to get in the way of taking risks for the new school year. 

This book is so inspiring because as a girl, it is hard not to worry about my size and weight. This book really changed my perception of my body! 

I recommend this book for every girl that needs reassurance about their unique body. I hope that girls find this book as worthy of changing their perceptions about their bodies as it helped me! 

My favorite part is when Ricky finally tells Laura that he likes her. My favorite character is Ricky because he is not scared that he is poor or to tell his true feelings. Ricky is a friend that everybody needs. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for girls ages 10 and up. 

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