Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Ms. Andrews is the author of Paisley Memories and has been a support to us since the beginning of our new journey. 

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What was the inspiration for this book?

  My daughter Sarah was the inspiration for this novel. She has such a beautiful soul and is always pushing me to write more. She wants me to write a story about wolves, so that may be a future novel.

Who is your favorite character? 

   My characters are like my children and a mother isn't supposed to have favorites. :) If I had to choose who was the most interesting character to create, it would be Butterball. It was fun to make her sassy and crazy and just make her say what we are afraid to. She has no filter.

What is your favorite part of the book?

  I can't say too much here or I will give away the story line, but probably when Tess meets Aaron. It was such an unusual situation. I hope it never really happens for anyone like it did for Tess.

Do you know anyone with down syndrome and did you base your book on them?

  Why yes, I do! My daughter, Sarah, has down syndrome. She is a beautiful young woman. I wrote the type of novel that I would have liked to have read at that time. I did not base my novel on Sarah. The only thing I have in common with Tess is that we both have a daughter with down syndrome. I did however incorporate some incidents that have happened in my life with Sarah.
How long have you been writing?

  My first published piece was a poem I wrote when I was about twelve. I entered a contest in school and it was chosen to be in the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper. My mother saved the clipping. Of course, I had several diaries that I wrote my deepest, darkest secrets in. I had crushes on three different boys all in the span of one day when I was nine years old. It is comical to read my old diaries now. I didn't start writing Paisley Memories until about 2011. I wrote off and on during that time.

Have you written any other books?

  Paisley Memories is my first novel. It was exhausting, but fun to write. I am currently working on a sequel and also writing a novel about a young woman who was accused of being a witch during the Salem witch trials.

Any other interesting information or facts about you?

  Hmm. let's see... I have a couple funny stories. I grew up in the south and married a military man. We moved to Idaho when I was nineteen and I made my first snowman ever on the front lawn. A few hours later I looked out the window and saw a boy punching it and tearing the scarf off. I banged on the window and ran outside to stop him. He was gone in a flash. I have a crazy, insane fear of roaches. Even though I know they can't hurt me, I freak out. But on the other hand I will catch a lizard with no problem. I worked in a pet store when I was thirteen and made myself hold each and every critter just once. I held tarantulas, rabbits, geckos, and even a couple of pythons that were thirteen feet long. I held a gerbil once and it bit my finger. To this day I dislike gerbils.

 When not writing, I'm usually hanging out with my two boxers, Ruby and Cooper and my family.  

Thank you Ms. Andrews for your continual support!