Friday, November 6, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: True Colors (Landry's True Colors Series Book 1) by Krysten Lindsay Hager


Every day I walked down the sidewalk to school and wished I were one of the interesting popular girls who ran up with exciting news. Just once I’d like to be one of those girls instead of the being the one who didn’t get invited to things because people “forgot” about me. 

Landry gets pushed into trying out for the American IngĂ©nue reality show modeling competition with her two best friends. She doesn’t think she stands a chance, but she advances to the next level in the competition and her friends ignore her when they get cut. 

Enter the gorgeous Devon, who also makes the first cut and includes Landry in her clique. Devon becomes the perfect best friend, but can their friendship survive the competition? 

Landry hopes her big break could come at any moment, but soon sees there’s much more to modeling. She begins missing out on being with friends and has the chance to have a boyfriend when she meets a boy named Vladi from another school. 

Part of Landry wants to be famous (and have her hair look good for once), but part of her just wants to be accepted. She learns about friendships, being true to yourself, and that a good hair conditioner doesn’t hurt.

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 12 years, 9 days until 13!


This book is full of drama and middle school mean girls. 

This book is about Landry and how she finds true friends and what makes her happy. During the journey she goes through modeling auditions, boys and friendship drama. However, things start looking better as she reveals her true colors. 

This book was not what I expected. If you love friendship and drama books, then this will probably be a book for you. 

My favorite character is Peyton because she is very supportive and a great friend. My favorite part is when Peyton and Landry go shopping because they can be themselves with each other. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 12.