Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quick Update

Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to let everyone know that we haven't posted much this week because we have been busy moving from our old house (we sold it) into a tiny home (400 square feet for 6 people and 2 dogs) while we wait for our new house to be finished being built. 

I have a ton of reviews, giveaways, and interviews to post in the next few weeks. Also, please remember that we are going to the Texas Book Festival this weekend and interviewing over 25 well known authors!! 

Please pray for my sanity as I homeschool all 4 girls and am with them 24/7 now in 400 square feet! Also, we just got a new P.O. Box for the time being (all previous mail is being forwarded to the P.O. Box) so if you would like our P.O. Box, please email me or use the Blogger Contact form. 

Thanks and watch the blog for lots more fun to come soon! 

Best wishes, 

Charity, the mom