Friday, October 2, 2015


Corey Ann Haydu is the author of Rules for Stealing Stars that Michaela reviewed here previously. Michaela asked if she could interview Ms. Haydu because she loved her book so much and Ms. Haydu agreed! 

Interview Conducted by:

1. Will there be a sequel to this book? If so, I would love to review it for you! Please, please, please make another book!

I don't think there will be a sequel for this book, but I do have another middle grade novel coming out in Summer 2017. It doesn't have a title yet, but it's about a girl and a boy who are best friends, and struggling with the boy's mysterious illness. I think people who liked Rules for Stealing Stars will like this book too. It's similar in that it's about a tough issue and has some magical elements. 

2. What is your favorite book? Favorite Author?

My favorite book is The Giver. I think it's a one of a kind book and I've loved it since I first read it probably more than 20 years ago. My favorite children's author is Julie Andrews, who wrote under the name Julie Edwards. I loved two of her books -- Mandy and The Last of the Really Great Whandoodles. I recommend them both! I also really like Leslie Connor and Anne Ursu. 

3. Did you write this book in a closet? If so, that would be super awesome! 

Great question! I didn't write this book in a closet, but when I was your age I DID use to write in my closet. It had all these shelves and I used the lowest shelf as a desk and used to call it my "office." I spent a LOT of time in there! 

4. What was your favorite grade in school?

I really liked third grade because I had a great teacher and I started to really like writing. I also liked eighth grade a lot because I had really close friends and felt like I was finally growing up a little bit. It was an exciting year! 

5. Who is your favorite sister in your book?

I love all the sisters, but if I could be one of them I would want to be Astrid. I love all her artwork and how sweet she is. When I wrote her I was writing who I wish I could be. 

6. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is purple. 

7. What is your favorite fairy tale?

I love the one in Rules for Stealing Stars -- The 12 Dancing Princesses. I also really like The Princess and the Pea. 

8. Where is your favorite place to write (i.e. park, office, closet, etc.)?

There is a cafe in my neighborhood that I love to go to. That's where I do most of my writing. I like to be around other people when I'm working on my books, since I get lonely. 

9. Where did you get the inspiration for this book?

This book was inspired by my own life. My childhood wasn't exactly like Silly's, but some of the things going on in her family were also going on in mine, so I wanted to write a story that was really from my heart in that way. 

10. Any other interesting facts/things we should know about you?

I live in New York and have a very cute dog named Oscar! :)

--If you would like to learn more about Corey Ann Haydu or see the other books she has written, please visit her website at:

Thank you so much for allowing Michaela to interview you and she cannot wait for your next book!