Sunday, October 4, 2015

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Chris Grabenstein

Some of you may know of Chris Grabenstein. He it he author/co-author of many books, including the following (some shown below): 

Michaela loves his books and wanted to interview one of her favorite authors. He agreed even though he is on a very tight schedule. 

Interview Conducted by:

1. What was your inspiration for creating the amazing library (Mr. Lemoncello's Library)? Why did you create it this way? I would spend all my time in that library! 

I got the idea foo the book while visitinging the P.S. 10 library in Brooklyn, New York. The school had a brand new, pretty incredible library that had been donated to them by a very generous millionaire. So, I thought: What if a very generous bazillionaire donated a library to his hometown? I wanted to make a library that was part Disney World, part Smithsonian, and filled with all the information you would ever want or need. I took existing parts and rooms of libraries and made them as much fun as I possibly could.

2. What do you like more, video games or board games? Why?

Hmmm...good question. I think I like board games better. Probably because there is a social aspect to board games. You can chat with friends and family or make jokes while you wait your turn. With video games, it's just you against the machine. There really isn't time to chit chat with your opponents! 

3. What was your favorite childhood toy and why?

I think my favorite childhood toys were these puppets I got when I was maybe six years old. They allowed me to create characters, give them funny voices, and tell stories. 

4. Any other interesting facts/info you would like to share. 

You can learn all sorts of fun facts about me on this page of my web site...

Thanks for interviewing me! 

We just want to give a big 5 Girls thank you to Chris Grabenstein and Michaela cannot wait to read all of his new books!