Saturday, October 13, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Moon Coin by Richard Due


Uncle Ebb was so good at telling his tales of the Moon Realm that Lily and Jasper used to wonder if he'd been there himself. But as teenagers, they’re beyond all that—up until the moment they’re plunged into the fantastic bedtime tales of their youth. Now, armed with nothing more than memories—and the moon coin—Lily and Jasper must piece together Uncle Ebb's shattered tales and unite the fractured Moon Realm, or lose the moons they loved so much . . . all over again.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 9 years, 10 months


Lily and her brother are very worried because their uncle went missing. When Lily and her brother find a clue about where he is, Lily's brother gives her the clue of a moon coin. The moon coin is very important. Lily's uncle always tells Lily and her brother about 9 moons. Using the coin, Lily goes on an adventure through 2 of the moons. On the first moon, the queen of the Rinn's helps Lily get to the next moon. At the next moon, Lily meets Dubb who helps her as well. When Lily returns home, she tells her brother what happened, but her brother does not believe her, so to prove it to him, she sends him to the 2 moons.

My favorite part of this book was when Lily came home because she got to see her family. I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up and I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.