Saturday, October 20, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Harper Madigan Junior High Private Eye: The Case of the Dropped Diva by Chelsea M. Campbell


7th grade detective Harper Madigan works alone. He doesn't need the vice principal assigning him a new partner to keep him in line, especially a stuffed-shirt wannabe-journalist who totally cramps his style.

And he especially doesn’t need his troublemaker ex-girlfriend showing up out the blue and asking for his help. She’s accused of attacking the star of the school musical, and with her less-than-sparkling track record, she’s only one suspension away from getting expelled.

Only Harper believes she’s innocent, and now it’s up to him to prove it, even if it means making an enemy of the PTA mafia, risking his agency, and confronting the mistakes of his own dark past. But when his new partner insists on doing everything by the book, and his old nemesis–the one bully he can’t catch–starts harassing his clients, it’s going to take more than just detective work to solve the case.

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 9 years, 11 months


This story is about a boy named Harper Madigan who is a detective. His vice-principal assigns Harper a partner and his name is Austin. Austin wants to be a journalist. Harper's friend gives him a big case! The case is about a girl named Veronica being pushed by a girl. Harper knows that the girl is innocent, but nobody else does, not even her own brother. Harper and Austin have to solve the case because if they don't then the girl will be expelled from school and sent away to another school for bad kids. While working the clues, Harper and Austin get into trouble because they get involved in the PTA and the PTA does not like it when people get involved in cases and in the PTA. Harper and Austin solve the case, and get injured in the process, but they both think its worth it. 

My favorite part was when Harper went to his bully's hideout and they played a game because they wanted to see which of them were better at the game. They bet on the game. This story would be perfect for people that like to read mystery books. I think this book is best for 4th-7th grade and I give it 3 out of 5 stars.