Saturday, October 13, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Led by an Eagle by O. Warfield


Doberman Omar Blue and his pack travel into the mountains to meet his kin. Though reluctant to leave their beloved K-9 Town, USA, Omar's followers look forward to learning more about the mysterious leader they have grown to love and respect.

It's no secret they're being followed by Mountain Lion Booby and his pride. Fearless to a fault, their attitude is "let them come. We'll handle them when they're ready.”

Booby is livid. "That teacher" Rottweiler Brady got the best of him in front of his followers. As they travel higher into the mountains their numbers grow. Picking up kin along the way.

“Gonna rid this land of Omar Blue and his Pack once and for all.” That's the plan.

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 9 years, 11 months


This story is about a dog named Omar Blue and his pack. They go on an adventure and they come across some mountain lions that want to beat the pack up. Omar and his pack team up to defend the pack and they go to a place called iron dog land. This is where they are supposed to meet the mountain lions. When the mountain lions get to the meeting spot, they decide that they do not want to fight so they leave. After they leave, Omar talks to his mom and dad. Omar's parents do not want him to leave, but he says he has to go back to K-9 Town, USA. His parents understand and when Omar gets back to K-9 Town, USA the mountain lions are there. The mountain lions want to join the pack. Omar and the rest of the pack say yes, but if the mountain lions mess up then Omar and the pack are going to beat them up.

My favorite part is when they get back to K-9 Town, USA because I like how they let the mountain lions in the pack. Rottweiler Brady says he wants the mountain lions to see his mad face and I think that its funny. I think any one that enjoys books about dogs or adventures will enjoy this book. I recommend this book for 3rd-6th grade and I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.