Friday, November 11, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Numbers by David A. Poulsen



Andy Crockett doesn’t fit in at his new school — not with the goths, not with the jocks, and certainly not with the brains. Not even, really, with The Six, a group of misfits who hang out with each other mostly because they can’t stand hanging out with anyone else.

But maybe Andy’s luck is changing … and all because he is in Mr. Reztlaff’s grade ten social class — Mr. Retzlaff, the coolest teacher; in fact, the coolest thing about Parkerville Comprehensive. Social is awesome from day one. It’s the class that looks at World War II, Hitler, and the Holocaust. It’s the class Andy wants to ace — and make Mr. Retzlaff proud.

But eventually Andy also begins to understand that acing the class might just have a greater cost than he’s willing to pay. And when it turns out that Mr. Retzlaff might not be so cool after all, Andy is facing the most difficult decision of his life.

REVIEW BY: Angel, 13 almost 14!


This novel was a good way to look at the world differently. This book gave me an open mind about several historical events. I have never really thought about others perspective about Jews and The Holocaust. I now see everyone has a different view.

This book was about a boy named Andy Crockett and he has an amazing teacher that can teach him every thing.

However, when Mr. R teaches about the Holocaust he starts acting weird and trying to convince the kids that this event isn't real. Andy soon learns that his teacher despises Jews.

All of Andy's friends will do anything for their new teacher even if it means burning down an old house Jews used to live in. Andy doesn't understand what is wrong with Jews and is having second thoughts about his teacher.

My favorite part is when Andy signs the petition to bring Mr. R back by writing the numbers on a Jewish lady's arm. Andy knows this is the right thing to do.

My favorite character is Patti Bailer because of her intelligence. She knows right from wrong and sticks up for herself and others.

This book was great! I learned a lot.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 13 and up.