Friday, November 4, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano


When Paige moves from LA to Idaho with her mom and little brother after her parents’ high-profile divorce, she expects to completely hate her new life, and the small town doesn’t disappoint. Worse yet, the drafty old mansion they’ve rented is infested with flies, spiders, and other pests Paige doesn’t want to think about.

She chalks it up to her rural surroundings, but it’s harder to ignore the strange things happening around the house, from one can of ravioli becoming a dozen, to unreadable words appearing in the walls. Soon Paige’s little brother begins roaming the house at all hours of the night, and there’s something not right about the downstairs neighbor, who knows a lot more than he’s letting on. 

Things only get creepier when she learns about the sinister cult that conducted experimental rituals in the house almost a hundred years earlier.
The more Paige investigates, and the deeper she digs, the clearer it all becomes: whatever is in the house, whatever is causing all the strange occurrences, has no intention of backing down without a fight.

Found in the aftermath, Diary of a Haunting collects the journal entries, letters, and photographs Paige left behind.

REVIEW BY: Angel, 13 years almost 14!


This book was pretty drawn out and it was not as interesting as I had hoped. To sum it up, it was a perfectly scary and horrifying plot but could have been paced a lot faster.

Paige has just moved to Idaho from L.A and she absolutely despises it. To make it even worse she is living in a run down house that is infected with bugs and just about any creepy-crawly. Along with the creatures she has to worry about all the mysterious happenings within the house. Her brother is wondering around the house at night plus, things keep disappearing randomly. Then she meets a strange guy downstairs and she knows something is different about this house. The question is why is everyone else hiding it?

I think most of the characters are well thought out with unique personalities. Verano did such a great job that I can't choose a favorite.

My favorite part is when Paige meets the strange guy that lives downstairs because this interaction was hilarious and made me read more.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 and up.