Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Place to Call Home: Toby's Tale by G.A. Whitmore


A Place to Call Home is the heartwarming and inspiring story of an abandoned white German shepherd puppy named Toby and his cross-country search for a forever home. Narrated in part by the animal characters in the book, the reader experiences Toby's world through his eyes and those of the animals he meets on his journey.  

Toby's life begins on a farm where the carefree, happy days he has known come to an abrupt end when his breeder decides to "dispose" of him and his sister Tara because of the color of their fur. With the help of a kind farmhand, the two puppies escape unharmed. 

After a tumultuous time during which Toby is shuffled from place to place, he is finally adopted, but he quickly realizes his new family has deep-seated issues that put him in danger, and what seemed like an ideal home, turns into another place he must escape from.

As Toby struggles to find a forever home where he can feel safe and secure, he experiences some painful losses, but he also makes new friends--friends who will help him to trust humans again and teach him the power of love.

Inspired by a true story, this middle grade/young adult novel can be enjoyed by dog lovers of all ages.

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 13 years, 9 months


This was one truly amazing, fascinating tale! I couldn't ask for a better book to read. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved it!

This book is about a dog named Toby. When Toby and his sister are separated from their mother and left at a dumpster, a younger couple take a chance with them and take them home. One day at the couple's house Toby's sister dies from injuries she sustained from a larger dog. The journey only starts there. Toby, now without his sister, is moved to an abusive family and then moved to a home where he can find the trust and love his heart desperately needs. This book is full of passion in every single word and every chapter keeps you wanting more. Seriously, you couldn't ask for a better book. 

My favorite part is when the woman can feel an instant bond with Toby. My favorite character is the dog named Drake because he took care of Toby when he was a puppy, and even died protecting him. I loved Drake's compassion and loyalty. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 and up.