Friday, August 12, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts by K.C. Tansley


She tried to ignore them. But some things won't be ignored.

Kat Preston doesn't believe in ghosts. Not because she's never seen one, but because she saw one too many. Refusing to believe is the only way to protect herself from the ghost that tried to steal her life. Kat's disbelief keeps her safe until her junior year at McTernan Academy, when a research project for an eccentric teacher takes her to a tiny, private island off the coast of Connecticut.

The site of a grisly mystery, the Isle of Acacia is no place for a girl who ignores ghosts, but the ghosts leave Kat little choice. Accompanied by her research partner, Evan Kingsley, she investigates the disappearance of Cassie Mallory and Sebastian Radcliffe on their wedding night in 1886. Evan's scientific approach to everything leaves Kat on her own to confront a host of unbelievables: ancestral curses, powerful spells, and her strange connection to the ghosts that haunt Castle Creighton.But that's all before Kat's yanked through a magic portal and Evan follows her. 

When the two of them awaken 129 years in the past with their souls trapped inside the bodies of two wedding guests, everything changes. Together, Kat and Evan race to stop the wedding-night murders and find a way back to their own time--and their own bodies--before their souls slip away forever. 

A YA time-travel murder mystery that is sure to delight fans of Page Morgan's The Dispossessed trilogy.

REVIEW BY: Angel, age 13 years, 9 months


This book was unbelievable, and really well written. It had a great pace and fantastic characters. 

Kat Preston doesn't like the idea on anything about ghosts, but when her professor assigns her and other students a project to uncover the mystery behind a 129 -year-old curse, she finds herself back to her 9-year-old self. After a terrifying experience with a ghost, she had to stop believing in them, but how can she face them again? However, in order to solve the mystery she has to get rid of her fear! Kat and her classmate, Evan, are yanked in a magical mirror portal by a ghost named Turia to 129 years ago when the curse was put in to place. Now they have to stay in the ghost's body and figure out a way home and how to break the curse. 

My favorite character is Evan because even though he is rude sometimes, he seems to always be there for Kat and is just so sweet. 

My favorite part is when Kat and Evan see the biggest part of how the curse was placed and where the couple that was cursed went. 

This books was fascinating, but I had hoped that it took a little bit longer in some parts to give it the overall dire effect of reversing the curse. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up.