Friday, August 28, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Fall/Winter by Publishers Lunch


This edition of Buzz Books: Young Adult provides substantial pre-publication excerpts from 20 forthcoming young adult and middle grade books. Now everyone can share the same access to the newest YA voices the publishing industry is broadcasting for the fall/winter season. Extensive publishing information, including promotion plans and publicity contacts, are included in this NetGalley version. At the end of most excerpts, you will find a link to the full galley on NetGalley! 

Excerpts include new work from established leaders in the field (James Dashner, Jennifer Donnelly, Patrick Ness, and Lauren Oliver), authors best-known for their adult books (Eleanor Herman and Cammie McGovern), and newsmaking titles such as the highly graphic History of Glitter and Blood, Illuminae, and The Thing About Jellyfish.

You will find a full range of YA titles previewed here —dystopian, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, humor, literary and more — and you will find some works for tweens and middle-grade readers. As always, many are sure to make bestseller and “best of” lists.

Four of our titles will be featured at this year’s Book Expo America convention on their own YA or Middle Grade Editors Buzz panels: Everything Everything, Nightfall, This Raging Light, and The Thing About Jellyfish. Plus, half of our 20 Buzz Books: Young Adult authors will be in attendance at BEA.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 12 years, 9 months


This book gave excellent excerpts of many books that would be a wonderful read. Some of my favorites are The Thing About Jellyfish, The Accident Season and Inherit the Stars. When I get time, I plan on reading these. 

I really don't have any favorite parts or characters because I liked almost all of the excerpts. 

I recommend this collection of excerpts for people who like all sorts of genres including mystery, fantasy, drama, and comedy. I hope you enjoy these excerpts. 

I give this collection 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 and up.