Monday, June 6, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Loretta by Adam Whitaker


In all his young life, Peter has never met a man like Loretta. The man says that he’s from the ancient lost city of Atlantis – a land of wonders and technology that surpasses even our own, lost to humanity and swallowed by the ocean at the end of the Robot Wars. Loretta claims not to be a man. Not exactly. He and his falcon companion, Finian Falco, are better described in today’s terms as androids, and they were awakened from their eon of slumber to save Peter’s town. Peter’s family says he’s only a kind man with wild ideas…and a falcon. Loretta doesn’t need them to believe. Danger is rocketing toward Earth. The professor is about to find him. Society has become barbaric while he slept. Peter needs a friend. And…Loretta is running out of time.

REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 6 months


I really liked the plot of this book! However, I found some parts confusing or they didn't flow with the rest of the story. 

My favorite character is Loretta purely because of how comedic yet heartfelt he was portrayed. 

I loved how adventurous all the characters are. You never know what is going to happen next! I think this book really shows the meaning of family and friendship. 

My favorite part is the very beginning scene when Charles is talking to his wife about their daughter wearing a bikini. I love the line when he says "I'm just wondering why we couldn't afford an entire bathing suit!" He then goes on to say he has been working overtime and his wife just got a raise. He then points out that it seems that they could afford an entire bathing suit. I just burst out laughing because that sounds like something my dad would say! 

I recommend this book to those that enjoy humor, adventure and stories of friendship. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 and up.