Friday, May 27, 2016

PROMO POST: iClassics

Something better than the classics? Indeed, the iClassics!
When was the last time you read a classic? Every so often these books are deselected from libraries because their titles are not in demand anymore. iClassics, a Barcelona-based publisher, is unwilling to accept it and they presented iClassics – Reimagining Poe, Wilde, Lovecraft & more, a unique way to read and enjoy literature for everybody and everywhere, in format of AppBooks.
They aim to create an impact by presenting a new - and very awesome - way to READ & ENJOY classical literature in a new format, the iClassics. Today was released the project on Kickstarter, and everyone can take part on it until the 6th of July. From 1€ to 2,500€ they offer a bunch of very cool rewards, including a collaborative artbook with illustrators from all over the globe!
Moreover they think that the project has potential to create a social impact among students in the classroom, and they are giving the opportunity to more than 100,000 students to have all the collections for free. Actually, they will give as many as euros raised with the project.
Accessibility from any Android devices - currently only for iOS-, new stories, more languages, a common place to share the love for the classics and more… All these is what we will be able to enjoy if the iClassics project finishes the campaign successfully.
Let's support this great project that reimagines classical literature. Here is the link to the campaign on Kickstarter: